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Do you have what it takes to swim for 53 hours?

Last week at the age of 64, Diana Nyad completed her lifelong dream of swimming from Cuba to Florida. After four failed attempts – her first attempt was 36 years earlier when she was only 28 years old – and 53 hours in the water she walked

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It Takes Two to Communicate

While speaking to someone the other day, the subject of successful communication came up. As we were talking about it, it occurred to me that often we place a majority of the burden for a successful communication on the listener. Comments such as, “he wasn’t listening at

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Taking the Bull By the Horns

“Taking the bull by the horns.” My father used to say this to me when I was growing up. I’d nod and think he meant, “Just go do it.” So I did, accomplishing whatever was put in my path. The problem was I didn’t understand that what he

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