The Power to Launch

“I help Commercial Real Estate professionals accelerate, navigate and transform their careers.”

My practice focuses on helping commercial real estate professionals hone their skills so they can better navigate the business world and transform their careers. My clients are of all ages and skill level and I help them:

  • determine their passion
  • develop and refine their individual tools

  • improve how they show up.

Giving back to others and mentoring young professionals has been a lifelong passion for me. In my role as your coach, I partner with you to leverage your own platform for growth, helping you to reach your true potential.

We start that process together by living my mantra of “seek to understand first”. Great resolutions can only result after both parties have a thorough understanding of the underlying issues.

Career and Personal Coaching

  • Career and life direction
  • Goal setting and action planning
  • Improved social intelligence
  • Creating powerful business relationships
  • Leadership development
  • Appearance and presentation skills with practical, personalized feedback

Industry-specific Skill Development

  • Exemplary customer service
  • Delivering exceptional presentations
  • Effective negotiations
  • Understanding lease clauses
  • How to think like an Owner (for Brokers)
  • How to think like an Asset Manager (for Property Managers)

About Cindy J. Cohn, CCIM

Cindy’s career in commercial real estate began years ago with dual degrees in real estate and finance. Having been raised with a love of learning, she considers education a lifelong process. Throughout her career, she has actively worked to hone her business skills and grow professionally. Cindy has completed her CCIM and CPM course work to earn those designations, and attends seminars, classes, and workshops on a regular basis. She enjoys reading books which deliver pertinent content on self-improvement, business, child rearing, or life skills. This love of learning, coupled with her desire to help others, is what drives her passion for teaching, coaching, and mentoring.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Cindy this past year as I was seeking a job transition. She has helped me move forward in many ways with her insightfulness and encouragement. With her guidance I was able to get a clear grasp on who I was and the direction I wanted to move in. She provided me with the tools to make that happen. Not only did she help me set goals and made sure I followed through on them, but she continues to follow up with me to see how I am doing and she remains my go to person when I need career advice.
Cindy Parsons
Event Planner
I realized that every day was a learning experience thanks to Cindy. Cindy is a born teacher and exhibits many qualities that are essential to business owners and managers. Of the many things that I will take away from knowing Cindy, one of them is to not second guess myself, but to stop, think, and then respond with confidence. I applaud Cindy for sharing her knowledge and skills with others in the industry.
Kelly K. Smith
Senior Property Manager