Even the best of the best benefit from career and personal coaching.

Transform Yourself

Career and personal coaching, team building, and staff development

  • Career and personal coaching
    • Career and/or life direction
    • Goal setting and action planning
    • Leadership development
    • Personal appearance and your professional presence
    • Problem identification and resolution
  • Workshops to improve career-critical skills
  • Commercial real estate training
    • Customized course development and instruction
    • Industry-specific tutoring
  • Interview skills
    • Assessment and development
    • Resume writing
  • Team building exercises
    • Leadership development
    • Creating harmony and synergy with your current team
  • Staff development exercises
    • Individual and group goal setting
    • Building business relationships
    • Customer service training
    • Negotiation techniques
    • Social intelligence


We improve efficiencies, create scalable organizations, align actions with goals, and preserve financial assets for our clients.


Every owner has different objectives and every real estate asset is unique. We understand what creates value, how to drive results and how to position your asset to reach its highest potential.


Even the best of the best benefit from coaching. By creating your personal strategic plan and honing your skills, our coaching program is designed to help you realize your goals and reach your true potential

CASE STUDY: A woman (we’ll call her Sally) who was at a challenging point in her life came to Cindy for coaching. Sally had been working part time for several different high stress companies while raising her young child. The time had come for Sally to seek full-time employment; however, she was unsure of herself, her job skills and what direction she wanted to take with her career.

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