A woman (we’ll call her Sally) who was at a challenging point in her life came to Cindy for coaching. Sally had been working part time for several different high stress companies while raising her young child. The time had come for Sally to seek full-time employment; however, she was unsure of herself, her job skills and what direction she wanted to take with her career.


After an initial meeting with Cindy, the two scheduled regular meetings every few weeks over the next three to four months. The first step in the process was determining what Sally’s strengths were, what kinds of things she enjoyed and avoided, and what her challenges were. From there, a list of potential types of jobs was created, and once satisfied with the direction, a list of targeted types of companies was created. Before Sally began targeting specific companies, Cindy polished her resume and cover letter and worked with her on interviewing skills. It was not until Sally felt completely comfortable that she could shine in an interview that she began putting out her resume and following up on leads.


Throughout this process Sally’s self confidence and professional presence grew tremendously. She had a new found sense of purpose and went to her job interviews with determination and poise. Within a few months, and after only a few interviews, Sally was offered her dream job and accepted it.

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