Our services are the outcome of 30 years of experience and expertise — and come with an intuitive and insightful approach to solutions discovery.

After many years in the Commercial Real Estate industry, Cindy J. Cohn has developed a unique blend of strategic and operational expertise, giving her the ability to assess situations quickly and intuitively, which allows her to see opportunities and create effective strategies, yet execute these plans both effectively and pragmatically. Cindy offers this precise combination of facilitation and experience through a range of consulting services specifically designed to enhance the performance and value of companies, assets, and individuals.

Accelerate Companies

We improve efficiencies, create scalable organizations, align actions with goals, and preserve financial assets for our clients.

  • Organizational inefficiency costs time and money. Let us focus on improving your company’s processes and align your actions with your goals, so you can get back to focusing on your core strengths and maximize your time, productivity, and financial assets.
  • Take a hard look at your corporate strategy. Analyze your Strengths and Weaknesses while addressing your Opportunities and Threats to help advance your company effectively.
  • Personnel is one of the key success factors in any organization. Let us assess challenges and growth opportunities for your staff, then develop and implement a plan to enhance their skills.

Position Assets

Every owner has different objectives and every real estate asset is unique. We understand what creates value, how to drive results and how to position your asset to reach its highest potential. Achieving maximum value for your commercial asset is our number one priority.

  • CRE Asset Management is an art, not a science. Each asset is unique and requires tending, tweaking, and balancing. This is what makes some asset managers more successful than others; they understand the necessary combination to create the perfect niche and exceptional performance.
  • There is no blanket approach to asset or portfolio management. Both short and long-term goals must be developed and executed in order to effectively restructure and reposition your portfolio and meet ownership objectives.
  • Capital improvements require the right “eye” and understanding of where the line between over and under improving an asset is. Done correctly, capital expenditures will return far more in value than they cost.
  • Elevate your performance through meticulous property and project management to ensure key initiatives are met, results are achieved, and returns are maximized.

Transform Individuals

Even the best of the best benefit from coaching. By creating your personal strategic plan and honing your skills, we help you realize your goals and reach your true potential.

  • Be deliberate about your career. Set realistic goals, direct your life and your career, and transform your mindset to help you achieve your greatest potential.
  • Learn to read male and female motivators and hot buttons to effectively boost your communication skills.
  • Hone your skills in order to shorten your growth curve and achieve your maximum potential.
  • Create inspiration in those around you both at work and in life through a positive attitude and effective leadership skills.

Cindy’s patience and knowledge in helping my grow my company has clearly guided me to my next phase in developing and growing my investment business. Her advice changed the tone and attitude of the organization and helped me see the larger picture and necessary actions I needed to take so that I can successfully develop this organization.

Michael Swiercinsky, Investor/Operator, Sky REI


Cindy’s audit of our property management company gave us insight into our staffing and crucial knowledge of what we were doing well and what we could do better.

Satisifed Client, CRE Investor