In these transformative, interactive workshops, Cindy Cohn gives participants real world knowledge that can be implemented immediately, resulting in real transformations that enhance skills so you can begin getting the results you seek.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn why just gathering business cards is not enough. We will focus on the importance of building relationships, how to network effectively, and mistakes to avoid.

Effective communication can be one of the most powerful tools in your tool box. Learn the most common mistakes made and strategies for strong communications that get results.

Are you in the right career? Does your career fulfill your passion and purpose? In this workshop, we help you improve and advance your career with valuable tips and insights.

How do you appear to others? Learn how your tone of voice and speech, style and appearance, and other key factors can help you make the best impression in every situation.

A strong leader has key characteristics. Learn what they are and how you can bring out the best in your employees and company with strong leadership skills.

In this interactive workshop designed for both men and women, learn key differences in how each gender communicates, processes and approaches business. And more importantly, create strategies to overcome these issues.

In this workshop, learn how to improve negotiation skills to achieve improved outcomes in almost any negotiation.

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I recently participated in a workshop that was developed and facilitated by Cindy. She did a masterful job of teaching pertinent and relevant skills no matter our backgrounds or career level. Her strong ability to bring the discussion to life fostered an educational environment that allowed us to learn from the breadth and depth of her own knowledge and expertise as well as from each other. For every professional, whether right out of the starting gate or well-advanced in your career, Cindy brings experience, insight, and wisdom to her workshops that will truly be a benefit.
Corporate Trainer