It’s no secret that giving exemplary customer service is vital if you want to grow your business. But do you realize that all of us have customers and it’s therefore vital to your career as well? Your customers may be internal (the person or department that relies on your work product), or external (the person who is buying or hiring you or your services). Either way, people are watching and judging us before they buy, promote, rely upon or hire us.

If we all have customers, and we know that this is a key to our success, do we focus on it every day? And what does exemplary customer service even mean?

It’s an attitude of service that you convey in your every action. It’s what you want people to say about you – “she is always willing to lend a hand or figure out what I need and provide it”.

It’s learning to say “what can I do to help you today to make your job easier?

It’s saying “no” without using the word; in a kind, giving way that says “I can’t do that but what I can do to help you is this…”

It’s thoughtfulness – looking for ways to help someone. Noticing their need and meeting it without them asking, getting out of the right lane so the people behind you can turn right on red. Getting out of the left lane if you don’t want to keep up with traffic.

Customer service is more than just helping someone achieve something. And certainly more than always saying “yes” to any request. Basically, it’s always thinking of the other person. You don’t “turn it on” when you need it, then turn it back off again. You have to live it every day, 24/7.

People who have exceptional customer service skills are the ones that others want to be around, that others seek out, and that others feel comfortable with and will rely on. These are the ones who succeed in life. My wish for you is that you find your attitude of service. So this week, give some thought to what you want to be known for. Be exemplary and serve others.