We all spend a lot of time in our cars.  Yesterday as I was driving to a meeting I got to thinking about how people drive and it occurred to me that I drive a lot like my personality (I won’t tell you which of these is me).  Upon reflection I realized that’s the case for many people I know.  Not that this is bad or good, but I do think it’s very telling.  Here are a few drivers I see.  Are you on this list?  Maybe more than once?

 *  Are you considerate of others – moving over if someone wants to pass and not blocking the turn lane?

*  Or is it just all about you?

*  Are you aggressive – honking, gesturing, getting frustrated when you don’t get your way?

*  Or are you a “doop-de-doo-er” – in no real hurry, figuring you’ll get there when you get there?

*  Are you strategic- constantly looking for the faster lane or what’s the quickest route to take?

*  Are you oblivious or distracted -you have no clue what’s going on around you and …. Ooops, there went your exit!

*  Are you impatient – why are all these people in my way? I want to be there now!

*  Or do you just like life in the fast lane?

*  Are you the guardian – the speed limit is 40 mph…. they shouldn’t be going any faster anyway?

*  Can you justify why you can do it, but no one else can?

Are you a backseat driver – you have to be in control of everything?

*  Or are you a multi-tasker –I can put on my makeup, catch up with Dad on the phone, check the map & traffic, think about my meeting and drive… all at the same time?

I could go on and on, but I won’t.  So, think about the people you know.  I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on whether this holds true or not.  Who knows, I may have just devised a new way to get to know someone faster….  “So tell me Paul, what kind of driver are you?”  Drive safe!